3 Ways to Sell My House Now

Sell my House

3 Ways to Sell My House Now

Although there are other options, here are the basic categories, the three ways to sell my house now:

Sell My House Myself

1)  The first way to sell my house is not my favorite. It involves advertising, showing and closing the transaction myself. I don’t really want all those jobs, so I’m not fond of this option at all because it’s too much work.

I don’t know enough about running free ads online or paid ads in newspapers and shoppers. Advertising is simply not something I want to learn and put into practice. I know other people do it, but I just don’t want to do it.

I probably wouldn’t mind showing my house when the time comes, but it’s a bit intimidating to let complete strangers into the house where I’m living. Showing people my bedroom, bathroom and clothes closets makes me very uncomfortable.

As far as closing the sale transaction, I don’t have a clue about the paperwork and legal requirements involved. Honestly, I know nothing about it, so I am not qualified to prepare for or conduct a closing myself. I don’t even know how to ask a title company to help me. If I find my own buyer I don’t have the forms or the experience to do whatever comes next.

So, that’s why I need somebody else to advertise, show and close the sale on my house. I need a real estate professional.

Hire Someone to Sell My House

2)  The second way to sell my house is to list it with a real estate agent who takes care of the tasks I don’t want to do myself. Advertising, showing and closing the sale transaction are familiar, daily tasks for career agents.

I’ve heard some unflattering stories about agents who didn’t do much except wait for their phone to ring, meaning they didn’t spend time or money to advertise the properties they put on the market. I don’t want to choose an agent who won’t advertise my property for sale, since advertising is one of the main tasks I want to outsource.

Showing homes to prospective buyers is one of the main tasks I want an agent to handle for me.

Sell My House to a Professional Buyer

3)  I know there are professional real estate investors that buy homes directly from the owners. They pay cash to the seller and don’t charge a real estate commission. Any costs paid to title companies and attorneys are paid by the real estate investor. They don’t pay the full market value of a property, but they save the seller thousands of dollars in commissions and legal fees.

One company of professional real estate investors is We Pay Fast. Their phone number is 405-521-1807 and their email is info@wepayfast.com  They offer the fastest and easiest way to sell my house now.