A Bad Thing Happened So I Need to Sell My Home.

need to sell my home fast

A Bad Thing Happened So I Need to Sell My Home

If that thought is running around your head, you know it. “A bad thing happened so I need to sell my home fast.” You might not want to reveal the nature of the bad thing, an event or a situation that’s a problem for you. Avoiding any discussion about the bad thing may be your #1 goal, until you realize one way to distance yourself from bad memories is to sell your home and move away.

Then, selling the house may become your #1 goal. It can occur to you at the strangest moment, maybe drifting off to sleep or while taking a shower. Wherever and whenever you get the idea to sell, it’s good to keep in mind that other people may not understand. You know they are not likely to understand what happened, so it’s safe to assume they won’t understand your immediate desire to sell your home either.

Real Estate Rules May Not Affect You

As the owner of a parcel of real estate, you do not share some of the same legal obligations imposed on real estate brokers and their agents. Licensed by the state, brokers and agents have a responsibility to the public as well as a responsibility to their clients, both sellers and buyers. Which means they must reveal whatever they know about a property to all prospective owners. Real estate licensees are not supposed to keep secrets about the physical, legal or any other condition of any property they list or represent for sale.

Legally, a house where something bad happened is called “stigmatized property.” A “stigma” is a mark left on a person or a place, so that word describes a place that’s marked from something bad that happened there. You are not legally obligated to reveal something illegal, immoral or reprehensible that happened in the home, but if you list with a real estate agent that person may be obligated to federal, state, county and local laws regarding disclosure to unsuspecting buyers.

How to Avoid Revealing the Bad Thing

The simple truth is that you don’t need to say anything to anyone. If your neighbors know about the bad thing in any way, gossip may spread. But you are not required to talk about it in order to sell your home.

In fact, you will not be compromised in any way if you call a professional home buyer. Investors who buy and sell properties in their normal course of business do not have the same requirements as brokers and agents. By calling a professional real estate investor you will be treated professionally, and your transaction will maintain the confidence you desire. No prying questions will be asked.

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