A Property Disclosure To Sell My Warehouse

Sell My Warehouse

A Property Disclosure To Sell My Warehouse

I heard that I might need a property disclosure to sell my warehouse. Property disclosures are required for residential sales, meaning houses and apartment buildings where people live. That makes sense for protecting homes.

But, I began to wonder about the necessity for providing commercial property disclosures. Here are a few reasons they may be required on a warehouse, too:

1) Advisability of obtaining title insurance

2) Access to air and rail transportation

3) Need for flood and earthquake insurance

4) Presence of hazardous materials or waste

5) Potential upgrades to water, sewer and electrical services

I understand that real estate agents and brokers have a responsibility to take listings with property disclosures available to interested buyers. So, if I list my warehouse, I must provide a disclosure statement.

Sell To We Pay Fast With No Property Disclosure

Experienced real estate investors often choose to sign a waiver instead of requiring a property disclosure. These buyers are professionals, with their own inspection teams. And they usually pay cash, without the need to qualify for a mortgage loan.

We Pay Fast is a team of investors who pay cash and close fast. They fit the description of “experienced real estate investors” above, so they do not have to satisfy the requirements of licensed agents, brokers, and mortgage lenders. The We Pay Fast teams purchases properties directly from property owners like me.

Selling directly to We Pay Fast without involving agents, brokers or mortgage lenders sounds like the kind of arrangement I am looking for. I want to avoid a property disclosure on my warehouse and calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing info@wepayfast.com is one way to do it. I will receive a phone call back after leaving a voice message or sending an email.

We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs and legal fees of their purchase transactions, which is another reason to call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), as well as avoiding a property disclosure to sell my warehouse.