Advertising My Property For Sale

My Property For Sale

Advertising My Property For Sale

Giving some thought to advertising my property for sale, I am running through the possibilities. Years ago, placing print ads in newspapers and shoppers was popular. Now it seems that posting ads online has taken over.

All the effort required to take photos, post them on various sites, and deal with the inquiries by phone and text message is just too much for me. What I want to do is this – call a professional who buys homes directly from sellers in my area. Don’t real estate investors do that?

Professional investors buy and sell residential property as a fulltime business. They might choose to keep a property as a rental or they might choose to sell it to another investor. Working with an investor means I will not need to list and sell through an agent or pay a real estate commission.

We Pay Fast Buys Property for Cash

We Pay Fast is a company that buys property in most metro areas, paying cash and closing fast on their purchase transactions. By selling to We Pay Fast I can avoid paying a real estate commission and avoid all the closing costs and legal fees as well.

The team at We Pay Fast makes offers over the phone and follows up by email when buyer and seller come to an agreement. Their transactions often close within a week to 10 days later!

Call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email to speak to a professional investor. I am looking forward to speaking to We Pay Fast to avoid advertising my property for sale and collecting my fast cash from them instead.