Advertising to Sell a House

Sell a House

Advertising to Sell a House

If you’ve decided to place some advertising to sell a house, you’ll have to think past the print ads you remember from the past. Newspapers and printed shopper supplements that often come out on Wednesdays, along with local newspapers or delivered separately, were the most common media used for real estate listings for more than a century. But things have changed.

Now, the internet gives homeowners a wide range of opportunities to advertise their homes for sale. Looking around for various sites to place an ad, with at least one photo, can be time-consuming and sometimes a bit confusing. Here are some ideas to get you started looking for online marketplaces:

1) – in most cities and surrounding areas the real estate listings are free. Find your area, select the for sale by owner category and write an engaging post that makes people want to contact you and make an appointment to look at your home. You can post several photos of the interior and exterior, too.

2) Local TV stations – most TV stations have a buy & sell marketplace page on their websites. Go to their website and look carefully at all the tabs until you find Classifieds, Marketplace or other name indicating it’s for buying and selling in the local area. Listings on these sites are usually free.

3) –  a national website for use in any location, you can post photos, videos and all the details a typical real estate agent would post. Posting on Zillow is free.

4) Facebook Marketplace – nearly everyone is on Facebook, so look for the Marketplace tab when you’re advertising to sell a house. Facebook Marketplace ads are free.

5) – this site charges a fee after the first 30-day listing option. It cross posts to other sites, such as Redfin and HomeFinder, so using it can be an efficient way to get your ads and photos out to several sites at once.

6) – it’s an app for selling nearly anything, not just real estate. For people who want to upload photos from their phone, and rely more on photos than advertising copy, this free site may work well.

What To Do If You Don’t Like Advertising

Selling a house by owner requires advertising, one way or the other. If you don’t like writing the ad copy, the words describing your house in detail, it’s doubtful you’ll be able to place ads online to sell your home. Just posting photos won’t give potential buyers the information they need to know if they’re interested.

One way to avoid advertising entirely is by calling We Pay Fast. We will make a cash offer on your home, with no real estate commission or legal fees charged to you. Call (405) 521-1807 or email us at   to start the process.