Age In Place or Sell My Home?

Sell My Home

Age In Place or Sell My Home?

I am asking a question many elders are asking themselves – Should I age in place or sell my home? None of us like to admit we need more accommodating housing as we age, but it is a widespread issue for Baby Boomers in America. The phrase, “age in place,” is used to make us feel better about staying in our existing home and making it as comfortable as possible as the years go by.

A two-story house like mine is never going to qualify for senior housing, not really. It is an older home with somewhat steep and narrow steps going up to the second floor, and another staircase leading to the attic. Those steps were not a problem for me twenty years ago, but now they are intimidating. I rarely use the second floor and never use the attic now.

I could spend a few thousand dollars on the main floor to make it more senior-friendly, but that may not be the best investment in my future safety and comfort. My best course of action may be to sell my home and move into a senior housing complex instead.

We Pay Fast Buys Two-Story Homes

I like the idea of selling to professional homebuyers like We Pay Fast because it is quick and easy. There is no need for showings or mortgage loan applications and approvals. The We Pay Fast team makes offers directly to sellers, without involving real estate agents or loan officers and their property inspectors. I have heard too many horror stories from friends and family about problems and delays with traditional home sales, so I prefer to sell my home myself.

Calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing will result in a phone call back to me within 24 hours. We can discuss my two-story home for sale and possibly agree on a sale price as well. We Pay Fast investors are authorized to make offers over the phone, followed by documents by email if both parties agree on price and terms. And our transaction could close in as little as a week to ten days.

Rather than age in place, I think I would rather sell my home to We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807.