Are Home Purchase Companies Legit?

home purchase companies

Are Home Purchase Companies Legit?

Are home purchase companies legit, or are they a roundabout way for agents to earn a commission on the sale of a property without listing it? In fact, there are a variety of websites that claim to purchase homes. If you had the time and the curiosity to fill in all the necessary information online to get quotes from several home purchase companies, you could conduct some interesting market research.

But most people do not have enough time or curiosity to go to all that trouble. Most homeowners who seek to avoid paying a real estate commission to a listing agent also want a fast, cash sale. Each seller has their own reasons, but whatever those reasons might be, they are usually looking for a direct buyer, not a listing agent.

So, there is not one answer to the question – are home purchase companies legit? Some companies that buy properties directly from the owners are completely legitimate and some are set up to list properties instead. Without contacting each company and asking a lot of questions it is not easy to know what each company will offer you as a seller.

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