Avoid a Property Inspector to Sell My Home

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Avoid a Property Inspector to Sell My Home

I’m wondering if it is possible to avoid a property inspector to sell my home. After hearing so many people talk about the problems that came up during home inspections, I would like to avoid the problems by avoiding the property inspector.

Most buyers are looking at homes without seriously considering the condition of plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems because they plan to leave those concerns to their property inspector. Inspections are required by mortgage lenders, so everyone involved in a typical real estate transaction assumes an inspector will be involved, and that whatever the inspector determines will automatically be correct.

That gives property inspectors a lot of power in typical home sales where buyers must follow the guidelines of their lenders.

Besides avoiding property inspectors, I would also prefer to avoid lenders to sell my home. That means I need a cash buyer who doesn’t rely on property inspections to close transactions. Cash buyers have their purchase money on hand, and they usually have plenty of experience in determining what repairs are needed.

Finding a Cash Buyer for My Home

Finding a professional cash buyer may be the best way to avoid both the property inspector and the mortgage lender when selling my home. However, what I need is a seasoned real estate investor who buys and sells properties as a business, not someone who happens to have the cash but not the experience.

Buyers with cash who are purchasing a house for themselves or for family members to live in are just as likely to hire a property inspector as traditional buyers needing a mortgage loan. It’s the years of experience and contacts that identify cash buyers who are professionals from those who are not professionals.

We Pay Fast is a team of professional cash buyers, easily available by phone at 405-521-1807 or online at info@wepayfast.com They negotiate with sellers on the phone, then follow up with all the legal documents if they decide to make a purchase. Closing can be scheduled for one week to ten days from signing the sales agreement, and We Pay Fast picks up all the costs of closing. I can avoid a property inspector to sell my home to We Pay Fast, so that’s my goal.