Becoming a Landlord or Selling My Home

selling my home

Becoming a Landlord or Selling My Home

The global health and financial crisis motivated me to think about becoming a landlord or selling my home.  For years, my son has talked about getting a place in the country so we could all live on the same property. We weren’t originally planning to make our move this year, but now it looks like sooner may be better than later.

My son already sold his house and is building out on the land, including a small shop with an apartment for me. So, I have a place to go that will be ready in a few weeks. That’s why I’m thinking about what to do with my existing home. I want to be able to move quickly, without the doubt and uncertainty many sellers are experiencing in the current real estate market. When I’m ready to move, I want to be able to move.

Even though there are many people looking for homes to rent now, I am not sure that I am suited for the rental house business. I had my home custom-built 30 years ago, so it’s just the way I wanted it. I raised my family here and there have been no other owners in those 30 years. You might say I am attached to this house.

Renting Out My Home

The thought of renting out my home to strangers does not excite me. What if they destroy the walls, doors, cabinets or carpets? What if they don’t mow the yard or trim the bushes? My neighbors will be very upset with me, and I will probably be very disappointed in myself. I should know better than to lease out this house. I am simply too attached to it after all these years.

The only alternative to renting my home is selling it. And selling it means must get involved in the sluggish and uncertain, local real estate market, or I need to find a qualified and motivated buyer on my own. The thought of a “for sale by owner” sign in the yard does not excite me either. I don’t want the job of showing the house during the Covid-19 epidemic, or ever. Sales is simply not my favorite activity.

Professional Real Estate Investors

Fortunately, I found the professional real estate investors at while looking around the web. I can call them to discuss the sale of my home, and if they’re interested, close the sale transaction within a week to ten days. That’s exactly what I need.

We Pay Fast pays cash and closes quickly, so I’m no longer wondering about becoming a landlord or selling my home. I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to get my house sold and move into my new place soon.