Best Time to Sell My House in Austin

best way to sell my house fast

Best Time to Sell My House in Austin

Based on the calendar, there may be a best time to sell my house in Austin, Texas. Or, it might not be tied to the calendar at all.  Anyone with experience buying and selling homes would say the best time to sell a house is when an interested, qualified buyer shows up and makes an offer. That’s the moment every homeowner is waiting for.

I talked to several real estate agents and to friends and family members who have listed their homes. Even though agents usually advise listing in the springtime so that buyers with families can move during the summer when the kids are out of school, that scenario doesn’t apply to all buyers. For my particular house it might not apply at all.

Trying to determine the best time of year to sell my house in Austin may be a mistake because it will undoubtedly cause a delay. Because I need to sell sooner rather than later, I’m not interested in anything that will cause a delay.

Find an Austin Homebuyer Today

There are neighborhoods in Austin where homes go on the market and sell quickly. I’d love to have a house in one of those neighborhoods, but I do not. My house is in an older neighborhood where young people are moving in and remodeling houses to suit their own tastes. From what I can see, there are certain popular styles of houses that millennials seem to prefer. My house is not one of them.

I need a buyer with cash to invest in the house, and with additional cash to make some repairs and do some updating. After an investor takes over and makes the needed improvements, they can re-sell it for a profit to some millennials who are looking for a turn-key home that’s move-in ready.  It’s easy to attract buyers to a home that’s all fixed-up and ready to move right in.

We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors who buy, remodel and re-sell homes. They buy homes in Austin, too. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to get in touch with investors who pay cash with no commissions, fees or closing costs deducted from the sale price. Meeting with a We Pay Fast investor may be the best time to sell my house in Austin quickly and easily.