Selling My Home Online Free

Written by Leslie on 06/08/2020

Selling My Home Online Free

Selling My Home Online Free

I’m thinking about selling my home online free, meaning without paying a real estate commission. The commission I will pay at closing and the hassle of the showing process are too much for me right now, since the Coronavirus pandemic drained me of my cash reserves and my energy to stage my home to please agents and homebuyers.

I simply need to sell my home online at no costs for advertising, printing or posting. Avoiding the need to place a For Sale sign in my yard is another preference, even though a For Sale sign is the most important way to identify my home for sale locally. It is not necessarily needed for selling online.

To achieve my goals, I will have to sell my house by myself, meaning I will have to find my own buyer. How can I do that without creating elaborate posts with lots of interior or exterior photos of my house?

Contact We Pay Fast to Sell My House Online

I can call or email We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or [email protected] A live chat is available on their website, too. So I have two ways to reach out to the professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast online, if I don’t want to initiate a phone call. They also have a Facebook page, so that’s another way I can get in touch online.

Reaching out on the web for my first contact with the real estate investors at We Pay Fast will eventually result in a phone conversation with a real person. I do not want to have important conversations with a potential buyer online, even though I’d prefer to make contact online. After our initial contact I want to speak on the phone.

My email or Facebook message will get a quick response from We Pay Fast investors. Within 24 hours I’ll get a phone call to discuss my home and to find out if it works for them. If we come to an agreement, We Pay Fast provides the documents for me to sign, usually by email, and we schedule a closing date at my convenience.

Within a week to ten days I can look forward to receiving a check for the equity in my home, paying no marketing or closing costs at all. Selling my home online to We Pay Fast could not be faster or easier.