Selling Your House: Moving checklist

Selling Your House: Moving checklist

Written by Erika on 09/03/2019

Selling Your House: Moving checklist



If you’re planning to make a move, make sure that you already had sufficient online research on the state or better yet, the neighborhood where you’re moving. Researching for nearby places of interest and needs like schools, hospitals, business districts, supermarkets, and parks will determine the next years of your life in the new area.


After completing meticulous research, paying a visit and staying at least three days in the area is necessary to validate all your research-based assumptions and expectations. Visiting other “houses for sale” in the area could also widen your selection, just in case you haven’t sealed the deal for your new home, yet. Observing their home selling strategies and practices will give you an in-depth comparison for each, and could also help you prepare for unpleasant features that might come with your new home.




Aside from scheduling and selecting your items for packing, selecting a moving company is a nitty-gritty process. A moving company will surely hurt your pocket. Considering alternatives like renting a portable moving container or a moving truck that you could drive yourself instead, could save you a lot. You might want to read online reviews on several moving trucks and container companies or consult with your friends and relatives for their referrals.




Finding the new perfect home, contracting a moving truck/container, setting up your utilities and informing your friends and relatives about your new address might top your moving checklist.

Home selling, especially if it’s in a hurry, could result in a “desperate market price”. If you want to sell your house fast and at a fair market price, contacting a property investor could save you a lot of time and money, compared to hiring a real estate agent. The service fee and the commission that you save can be used for other moving preparations.


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