Bypass Agents and Sell a House For Cash

Sell a House

Bypass Agents and Sell a House For Cash

Is it possible to bypass agents and sell a house for cash? Yes, it is possible, and it is much easier than you may think. Even though it makes sense to consider calling one or more real estate agents when you are getting ready to sell your home, it may not be necessary to sign the contact you are presented.

Signing a typical listing agreement normally limits your ability to sell your home yourself without paying a commission. Let’s say you know someone who may be interested in your house for sale, a friend, neighbor, acquaintance or family member, for example. If you reach out and let them know your house is for sale after you have signed the listing agreement provided by your agent, you will be paying commission on the sale. This is how it usually works, in most cases.

If you reach out to potential buyers before listing your property, then you will have no obligation to pay a commission. One type of potential buyer you may choose to contact is an investor, a professional homebuyer who buys and re-sells real estate on a regular basis.

Sell a House to We Pay Fast Without an Agent

We Pay Fast is a team of experienced, professional homebuyers who purchase houses and other properties directly from the owners across the United States. They pay cash and close fast, in as little as a week to ten days after signatures on a sale contract.

Selling to We Pay Fast gives you the advantage of quick cash, with no waiting for buyer financing approval or title company scheduling delays. Since We Pay Fast provides all the necessary documents and legal work to close each sale transaction, you know in advance how much money you will receive at closing, which is often unclear in traditional real estate closings.

To bypass agents and sell a house for cash, call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807, email, or fill out the contact form online