Can I Advertise to Sell My Property for Cash?

Sell My Property for Cash fast

Can I Advertise to Sell My Property for Cash?

I am sitting here wondering if I can advertise to sell my property for cash. I live in one side of my duplex and lease the other side to tenants. When I purchased it, times were much different than they are now. The continuing Covid19 pandemic has created big problems in my financial life and selling this property will solve some of those problems.

How do sellers advertise their property for sale now? What is the best way to get attention online, since yard signs are limited to people who are driving or walking past the property? Do I have to list with a real estate agent to get any advertising at all?

Friends have told me about their experiences with agents and brokers who made big promises about advertising the properties they list, but somehow the promises were not fulfilled. Since real estate is listed online now, newspaper ads are nearly a thing of the past. Special real estate supplements are still printed, but most agents do not spend money on ads unless the property they are advertising is quite expensive.

My duplex is not a high-end property. It is an average property in an average area, nothing fancy or special. It is in good condition and I have good tenants. But the time has come for me to sell it for my own financial reasons.

We Pay Fast Buys Properties for Cash

I want to sell for cash for two reasons: 1) my tenants will not be bothered over and over by potential buyers knocking on their door for a walk through; and 2) I won’t have to wait for six weeks or more for a buyer to get financing approval and close the sale. Both those reasons are equally important to me.

So, finding a cash buyer is my priority now. Advertising my duplex for sale does not seem to be the best plan for finding the cash buyer I seek, but making a call to We Pay Fast could work. They buy properties all over the country; paying cash and closing fast is their business model.

Calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing assures me a conversation with a professional investor who pays cash and closes fast. If my property works for them, I could get an offer on the phone and paperwork to sign by email. We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs, so the amount they offer is the amount I receive at closing.

I do not need to advertise to sell my property for cash when I call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 instead.