Can I Afford to Sell My House?

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Can I Afford to Sell My House?

There’s a tipping point where it starts to make more sense to sell than to keep a house. Financial reasons are only part of the equation, but they are often given highest priority. Considering my finances, I am wondering, can I afford to sell my house?

Do I have enough equity in the home? This calculation involves an estimated market value and a mortgage payoff amount. Unfortunately, both those figures involve communicating with other people. I can call my mortgage company and ask for a payoff for a specific time frame. That’s easy enough. But I don’t want to call a real estate agent to ask about market value because I want to avoid talking to agents and paying a commission.

How Can I Calculate My Equity?

The truth is that nobody can calculate their home equity down to the penny. It’s impossible. Estimating a market value is always subjective, based on market data and interpreted with personal opinion.

A property is worth what a qualified buyer is willing to pay; that’s the bottom line. Until I negotiate with a buyer, I won’t know what that buyer is willing to pay. And knowing what one buyer is willing to pay tells me nothing about other buyers. I will have to negotiate with them to know what they are willing to pay.

So, that means I cannot calculate my equity until I start talking to buyers. How do I talk to buyers without involving a real estate agent?

Talking to A Professional Buyer with We Pay Fast

Calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 is one quick way to speak to a professional buyer. Or, I can email [email protected] to get a call back. Another option is to fill out the contact form on the home page at and look forward to a call from a buyer.

This is a good place for me to start answering the question, can I afford to sell my house? I know it could be a fast, easy way for me to close a sale and get my cash equity, with no commissions or fees deducted. We Pay Fast pays all costs of closing when they decide to buy my home. Need to Sell a Home Fast Now?

How do you sell your house if you can’t afford it?

Considering my finances, I am wondering, can I afford to sell my house? If you want to sell your house for cash, 1-800-WePayFast helps you sell your house fast for cash.