Can I Sell a Home Without Title Company Delays?

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Can I Sell a Home Without Title Company Delays?

Can I sell a home without title company delays now, during the Coronavirus pandemic? I understand that low mortgage interest rates have contributed to many months of brisk home sales, which means title and escrow companies responsible for closing real estate transactions have been swamped.

While the low interest rates have been a good thing for many sellers, they have no impact on my own home sale. The property I own will not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan that includes a home inspection.  The house is nearly 100 years old and needs wiring, plumbing, and heating/cooling upgrades typical of a house built in the early 1900s.

Mortgage lenders use home inspectors to disclose potential issues in all the properties they are considering, prior to making any loans. A home inspector would be likely to find many issues with my home for sale, which is why I want to avoid buyers who will be applying for mortgages.

In addition, I want to avoid buyers who will be getting in line at title companies that order and manage the legal work on behalf of the seller and the financing on behalf of the buyer.  I need a buyer who can pay cash and move to the head of the line at a title company so we can close quickly.

We Pay Fast Will Pay Cash and Close Fast

Sometimes title companies make mistakes. Especially now, in the midst of heavy workloads, paperwork can get lost or details can get overlooked. Fortunately, the professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast are all set to make cash offers, provide all necessary documents, and schedule closings within a week to ten days. When We Pay Fast buys my house, they arrange for closing our transaction and they pay all the closing costs involved.

I can call We Pay Fast professional home buyers at 405-521-1807, email or fill out their contact form online. I will receive a phone call in reply within 24 hours, and the buyer who calls me back has the authority to make me an offer over the phone when my older house works for them.

And I can also avoid title company delays by working with the pros at We Pay Fast to sell my house fast for cash.