Can I Sell a House With Title Issues?

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Can I Sell a House with Title Issues?

Can I sell a house with title issues to new homeowners? Will they have legal ownership of the property, or will the title issues affect them as well? These are questions I must ask after discovering that a lien was put on my property after I bought it.

When I describe this problem to others they often reply, “That’s not possible.” But they are wrong. A concrete contractor was supposed to receive payment out of the seller’s proceeds at our closing, but somehow it did not occur. Both the title company and the previous owner of my home claim they are not responsible, which leaves me, the current property owner, with a mechanic’s lien against my title.

Legally, the contractor is entitled to payment. And as the owner of the home, I am enjoying the improvements he made to it when he poured a concrete patio in the backyard and walkways around the garage. I am benefiting from his investment in labor and materials. This legal issue could be handled in court, or it can be negotiated with the lien holder, the concrete contractor.

Delegating My Title Issues

I simply have no interest in getting involved in negotiations over the mechanic’s lien on my home. I don’t think it is my responsibility to pay the contractor due to errors made by other people. But I understand this title issue is not going away until it is addressed.

I made some calls and found out that professional home buyers are familiar with mechanic’s liens on properties they purchase. It is not a problem for them to handle title issues because they have a legal team to help them.  Delegating my title issues to a real estate investor sounds like a great idea to me.

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