Can I Sell My Apartment Complex Confidentially?

Sell My Apartment Complex

Can I Sell My Apartment Complex Confidentially?

I need to sell my apartment complex confidentially for two main reasons- so my tenants are not disturbed and so my competitors are not put on notice. I do not want to generate any controversy or unwanted interference with a sale transaction.

Commercial real estate brokers will be inclined to advertise and promote my property if I list it. But I am looking for a cash buyer who is primarily concerned with the financials, and who won’t require every tenant to show their apartment.

Naturally, a cash buyer will expect to pay less than a “market price,” but that dollar amount is difficult to establish anyway. I know what’s needed in my current situation, and I am convinced that confidentiality is more important right now than receiving top dollar for my apartment complex.

We Pay Fast Buys Apartment Complexes

Traditional buyers arranging to purchase apartment complexes need to obtain mortgage financing. The application and approval process can take months. I don’t have months to wait on buyer financing approval, which is why I am looking for a cash buyer like We Pay Fast.

As a team of professional investors, We Pay Fast is easy to contact and connect with. I can call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), email, or use the contact form on Any of those methods will result in a phone call back from a professional, commercial property investor within 24 hours.

Once I provide the financials and we discuss the price and terms, an agreement may be finalized, and sale documents prepared for a closing in as little as two weeks. We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs and legal fees, another advantage for me as the seller.  

Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) is the fastest way to meet qualified, interested commercial property buyers who may help me sell my apartment complex confidentially.