Can I Sell My Home with PayPal?

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Can I Sell My Home with PayPal?

Since I shop online with it for many different items, I wonder if I can sell my home with PayPal? Millions of buyers like to use PayPal instead of credit cards or bank checks, especially for international payments. Maybe someone in another country would buy my home online if they could use PayPal to purchase it.

Nobody has ever mentioned using it for real estate, but I was so curious I had to look it up on PayPal’s website, and I found a page which states, “You can’t use PayPal to buy or sell real property, including buildings, land, or anything affixed to the land.”

So, the answer is No. PayPal is not going to help me sell my home to an international or a domestic buyer. I will have to go the traditional route and sell to a buyer who is getting mortgage financing. Or, alternatively, I can look for a cash buyer instead.

Finding a Cash Buyer to Sell My Home

Finding a cash buyer is my strong preference because the long wait time for a buyer to get mortgage loan approval is just too long for my own time frame. The clock doesn’t start ticking on the loan approval process until a sales agreement is signed, and I haven’t found a buyer yet. So, there’s no telling how long it will take to find a buyer and wait for his or her loan approval prior to scheduling a closing.

Cash real estate buyers are not uncommon, but I need to find one right away. Listing my house with an agent and expecting a cash buyer to show up immediately is not likely to happen. I must take responsibility for finding a cash buyer myself, without listing and selling through an agent.

We Pay Fast is a Cash Buyer

When I call 405-521-1807 or email I’ll get connected with a We Pay Fast buying specialist. They buy homes all over the country, and they also specialize in paying cash and closing fast. They not only pay cash to the seller, but they pay all the typical expenses charged to the seller in traditional real estate transactions.

I can’t sell my home with PayPal, but I can call We Pay Fast and discuss selling my home to them, to avoid the hassles and delays many sellers experience with buyers with mortgage financing.