Can I Sell My Home With Title Issues?

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Can I Sell My Home with Title Issues?

When I inherited it, my house came with some issues from the past. Can I sell my home with title issues? I know it must be possible, but I don’t know how to go about fixing the problems that arose when my grandparents owned the house for a long time, over fifty years.

One problem involves the property line. There’s an old fence all the way around the back yard, and the neighbors on both sides have told me it’s encroaching on their lots. The fencing can be removed of course, but the fact that it’s been in the same place for over 60 years now may have some legal consequences, or so I’ve been told.

Another problem involves the old, single-car garage facing an alley behind the back yard. That garage is grandfathered-in, but a new garage could not be built on the same location because the city changed the legal boundaries of the alley about twenty years ago, which means my garage is trespassing on city property.

And finally, my grandparents’ lawyer told me there are some signatures missing on old mortgage documents, which creates a title issue for me whenever I decide to sell the property.

Fixing Title Issues Quickly

I am not interested in selling my house “by owner” because of these title issues. I don’t want the hassle of explaining them to buyers who come to tour the property, and I don’t want to pay a lawyer to fix everything just to get the house sale to close.

What I need is a sophisticated, cash buyer who can take care of all the title issues as well as pay for fixing them. We Pay Fast professional real estate buyers fit that description perfectly. If they are interested in buying my home, they will set their own legal team on the task of clearing up title issues in addition to preparing all the documents to close the sale. And they pick up all the legal fees and other closing costs, paying me cash within a week or so after signing a purchase agreement with me.

I am going to call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to sell my home with title issues the easy way, quickly and easily for cash.