Can I Still Sell My House Now?

want to sell my house quickly

Can I Still Sell My House Now?

Many people wait until springtime to put their homes up for sale, but this year they may be asking, “Can I still sell my house now?” They are wondering if anyone will want to see it in person, even though there are plenty of photos of it posted online.

Getting buyers through the door is just the first concern because most buyers need to get a mortgage loan to purchase a house, and they need title or escrow companies to close a sale. These days, the loan officers and closing agents may not be in their offices regularly, if at all.  Buyers and sellers must use their best guesses about what’s likely to happen, and when it may eventually happen, since nobody knows when the global pandemic will subside.

Someone with enough cash to purchase my house without the need for a mortgage loan is my ideal buyer. Cash buyers have an advantage because they can usually close faster than buyers who must get through a lengthy mortgage loan approval process, documentation and funding.

Selling to a Cash Buyer

One thing I’ve figured out lately is that all cash buyers are not created equal. Basically, they are either buying the house to live in, or they are buying for a family member to live in. That’s one type of cash buyer. The other type is not buying the house for themselves or for family, but to rent out and to collect monthly rent from tenants instead.

The second type of cash buyer is called an “investor” or a “professional buyer.” They buy, sell and lease homes as their primary or side business. The houses they purchase are business inventory, so they aren’t as attached to each house as a homeowner who only purchases a home to live in it.

I need an investor with cash to buy my house. So, I’ve been considering where to find an investor I can trust to follow through on our agreement and to close quickly. I want to work with a real person, too, not an online system doing business through a contact form followed only by emails. Let’s get on the phone and have a conversation about my house!

We Pay Fast Is a Team of Investors

We Pay Fast is a team of professional buyers who buy and sell houses as a business. They have decades of experience and make a point to talk with each seller first, to determine if the house will work for them.

Once an agreement is signed, they have the team and the resources to close the transaction in a week to ten days, and they pay all the closing costs. I can get my cash fast and move on with my life.

I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to sell my house now.