Can You Sell Your Home During a Pandemic?

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Can You Sell Your Home During a Pandemic?

Are you wondering if you can sell your home during a pandemic? Home sales are brisk in some parts of the country, even though the Coronavirus is still spreading through the population. Homebuyers usually start by looking for homes online, but eventually they want to come and tour the ones they are interested in seeing.

Showing your home is more complicated than ever before. Hiring a real estate agent to show your home does not mean it will be simple or easy. First of all, agents prefer to show homes that are in top shape and staged, which means rearranging furniture and carefully decorating it to make the best impression on buyers. Staging can be time-consuming and costly, especially if new furniture is involved.

Preparing your home for showing by an agent now includes another step, too. Sanitizing all the surfaces the agents and their clients would be likely to touch, such as door handles and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, is a necessity for everyone’s safety. Agents do not want to show homes unless they can confidently expect to be safe, and for their clients to be safe.

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Selling your house to We Pay Fast is quick and easy, even during a pandemic. No staging or sanitizing will be required. All the paperwork is provided, and all the closing costs will be paid for you. We Pay Fast will give you a check for your equity within two weeks to ten days.