Clean Up and Fix Up to Sell My House

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Clean Up and Fix Up to Sell My House

2020, the year of Covid19, left me without help to clean up and fix up in order to sell my house. Many people have far greater problems due to the pandemic than what I am facing, but right now I must deal with my real estate situation. There is much more work needed in and around my home than I can accomplish by myself, so I will be selling it as-is.

It seems selfish to sell and move away from such big cleaning and remodeling projects, but some home buyers are looking for homes like mine. They are interested in my home just as it is, without any improvements. I will not have to struggle to find a buyer because I already found We Pay Fast.

Now I can ignore the agents’ advice, which I do not have the time or money to follow. Although most homebuyers are looking for a comfortable home to move in without any preparation, and that is the type of buyer who is generally working with agent, real estate investors do not have the same requirement. They often buy homes that are not move-in ready.

Call the Investors at We Pay Fast

The real estate investors at We Pay Fast hire contractors to clean and make repairs on the homes they purchase directly from sellers like me. They budget for cleaning or remodeling projects upfront, meaning when they are establishing a purchase price on each property.

We Pay Fast is in the business of buying, reselling and renting houses, so they are always on the lookout for more good homes to buy. I can make one phone call to We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807, email them at, or use the chat feature at online. When I speak to an investor and we determine it will work for us to move forward with a purchase agreement, they take care of all the paperwork and pay all the closing costs.

I can avoid the hassle of clean up and fix up tasks to sell my house by calling We Pay Fast, and within a week to ten days I could get fast cash for my property instead.