Cleaning and Repairing Before Selling a Home

Selling a Home

Cleaning and Repairing Before Selling a Home

If you’re so busy that life is already chaotic, the idea of cleaning and repairing before selling a home may be just too much to handle. Without regular cleaning and handyman help it’s easy for basic housekeeping tasks to mount up into a monstrous cleaning project. It’s possible you’d like to move away from it all without all the hassle, but that doesn’t seem possible if you own your home.

The truth is this – it is possible to move away from a monstrous cleaning project, including the list of jobs you were saving for a handyman to complete. There are home buyers waiting to buy your home just as it is today, without any hard work to make it presentable.

Real estate agents will tell you to clean up and fix up before taking photos and putting your home on the market. They are giving you good advice for the average home buyer who is looking for a new place to live. Most people want a clean, comfortable home that’s move-in ready. So, agents provide the best advice for the most potential buyers.

Professional Buyers/Real Estate Investors to the Rescue

If you are serious about avoiding the time, energy and money it takes to clean and make repairs, one phone call might be all it takes to get exactly what you need. Professional real estate buyers are investors in single family homes, as well as duplexes, condos and apartment houses. They are not usually buying property to live in it, but to resell it or lease it to tenants.

Real estate investors already have employees or contractors who clean and make repairs on their properties. They don’t see your monstrous cleaning project the same way you do, and they aren’t overwhelmed by the list of necessary repairs. Remodeling projects are not intimidating to them. Selling a Home

In other words, professional investors are in the business of buying, selling and renting houses, and the costs for cleaning and repairing are just a normal part of their business expenses. Selling a Home

We Pay Fast May Want to Buy Your Home

Make one phone call to We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807, or email us at [email protected]  It may be the fastest, best way to avoid cleaning and repairing to sell a home. If that’s what you’d like to achieve, call us to see if we can take the burden off you as soon as possible.