Cleaning Out the Garage to Sell My House

Sell my House Fast

Cleaning Out the Garage to Sell My House

Things have been piling up out there for years, so now I’m cleaning out the garage to sell my house. The rocks I collected on vacation trips are piled in the corner and spilling out into the parking space now. I had planned to build a rock garden in the backyard, but never got around to starting it.

More than once I’ve driven over a big rock trying to park my van. And that’s not the only thing I’ve driven over, because we have all kinds of sports equipment out in the garage, too. We installed special hooks to hang up the bicycles, but for some reason they are all sitting on the floor anyway, along with a lot of soccer, baseball, and football gear the kids rarely use.

It’s funny that cleaning out the garage only seems important when it’s time to sell my house, but that is not an uncommon situation. We get used to our own piles of stuff and tend to overlook it. We don’t think about cleaning up until other people may be coming to look at the house for sale.

Selling My House Fast – We Pay Fast

The reason I have finally tackled the garage cleaning now is to be able to sell my house fast. I don’t want our excess belongings out in the garage or inside the house to slow down a real estate transaction. Due to Covid19 and being out of work I must sell my house immediately. There is simply no time left to sell and get cash for our home equity.

Cleaning out the garage to sell my house is one thing I can do to prepare for moving. We have decided to call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email them at to start the process. We Pay Fast is a team of investors who look at homes for sale and pay cash if they decide to buy.

Our house is located in a good area and we have maintained it well over the years. We just let time slip away from us and now we must sell it, even though we would rather stay. The home buyers at We Pay Fast understand our situation and know what we need to accomplish. They pay cash and close transactions within a week to ten days, which is exactly what we need.