Clearing the Title to Sell My Home

Sell My Home

Clearing the Title to Sell My Home

Every parcel of real estate has a history going back to the original land grant from the government. The process of clearing the title to sell my home involves searching the historical, legal records on it. That’s not a job for a novice. It takes training and experience to be a title examiner and find flaws in the chain of title from the its beginning until the present time.

The phrase “chain of title” means the chronological, legal record of every owner of the property and every mortgage lien or other type of lien or document affecting the house and the land.

Here are a few examples of liens and documents that may need attention in the process of clearing a title to real property, another term for real estate, or land and the buildings located on it:

1.  Mortgage liens filed by lenders;

2.  Mechanics liens filed by contractors who have done work on the property and were not paid;

3.  Municipal liens filed by the city for unpaid snow removal or lawn mowing charges;

4.  Tax liens filed by municipal, county, state or federal governments

5.  Judgment liens filed by the plaintiff who won a lawsuit against you, but you failed to pay them.

What is Required to Clear a Title

Once a title examiner identifies a problem in the chain of title, he or she brings it to the attention of an attorney working with the title company. Sometimes title companies are owned by attorneys, and sometimes attorneys work for title companies as a client. But the next steps in clearing the title to sell my home usually require the services of an attorney.

While it’s possible for the homeowner to conduct the search and take steps to solve the issues, I don’t want to take on those responsibilities myself. I want to hire a professional title examiner and a lawyer to help me, if it becomes necessary to sell my home.

Avoid Hiring Help to Clear a Title

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