Could I Sell My Home For Cash Myself?

Sell My Home For Cash

Could I Sell My Home For Cash Myself?

I am wondering if I could sell my home for cash myself, without an agent helping me. I have heard other people describing the process of selling real estate on their own, so I suppose it is possible for me to do the same thing.

There is so much I don’t know about advertising a house for sale, and about showing it, too. But the main thing I am clueless about is the paperwork, the sale contract, including what happens after it is signed. Where would I take the paperwork? To a title or escrow company? To a lawyer? I may not be a good candidate to get involved in a “for sale by owner” transaction.

What I need is a buyer who is familiar with real estate sales contracts and who has the know-how to walk me through the whole home sale process. Maybe I am describing a real estate investor, someone who buys and sells residential property with some regularity, someone who knows what they are doing and who is interested in buying homes like mine.

Calling the Investors at We Pay Fast

The investors I need to help me sell my home may be part of the professional team at We Pay Fast. I found them on the web and discovered that they pay cash and close fast, all without requiring a real estate agent or paying a commission.

We Pay Fast deals directly with homeowners and their own administrative team to get the sale process started. During a phone conversation the investors at We Pay Fast may make the seller an offer to purchase, and if the seller accepts the offer the transaction moves forward. We Pay Fast provides the home seller with a sale contract by email and schedules the closing in as little as a week to ten days after the contract is signed.

Sellers pay no closing costs, commissions, or legal fees. We Pay Fast picks up all the costs of the real estate transaction and schedules each closing to accommodate the sellers’ needs. I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to sell my house for cash myself.