Could I Sell My House With A Postcard?

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Could I Sell My House with a Postcard?

Could I sell my house with a postcard during the Coronavirus pandemic? No matter how high the number of cases may be, we still manage to open our mailboxes and retrieve our mail. People are ordering online and receiving shipments by UPS, FedEx and USPS more than before the virus started and they could easily shop at local retail stores.

I wonder if sending a postcard to my neighbors might result in a home sale? Real estate agents frequently mail cards announcing their new listings to everyone living in the surrounding neighborhood. How do they get their mailing list of neighborhood residents? How could I get the same list, too?

Assuming I can get a mailing list of homeowners in my neighborhood, the next step to mailing out postcards would be writing out cards by hand or getting special postcards printed. That step sounds time-consuming to me. And then there’s the cost of postage to consider, which is thirty-five cents per card.

Mailing postcards to my neighbors to sell my house to someone they may know is a long shot, at best. It may not be a practical or effective way for me to find a buyer.

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I can avoid mailing postcards or listing with an agent who sends postcards on my behalf. In fact, I can avoid paying an agent altogether by calling or emailing We Pay Fast. They are professional home buyers who pay cash for homes and who close their transactions within a week to ten days after signing a purchase agreement with sellers like me.

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