Dealing with Real People to Sell a House

Dealing with Real People to Sell a House

Things have changed a lot in the real estate business in the last decade.  Dealing with real people to sell a house is now an option because it’s possible to simply enter information into a form on the web and never talk to a real estate agent or a buyer at all.

The impersonal nature of a strictly online transaction makes a lot of people uncomfortable. They want to speak to a real person on the phone and possibly meet in person, if possible. They don’t mind entering their contact information so a real estate professional can call them back, that has become quite common.

But entering details about a home and receiving an offer by email just doesn’t seem like good business. That is simply too impersonal for many homeowners.

Who Can You Trust?

When you meet people in person you can spend time chatting and getting to know them. Talking on the phone is also instructive, especially if there is evidence for the service they offer, meaning testimonials and referrals.  Asking for referrals is a good practice, if you’re willing to make the calls and ask several questions. Asking other people to share their experiences can be very helpful to your decision making.

The bottomline question is this – will your home sale transaction close on your time frame, with no expenses or costs to reduce the amount of money you receive and no hassles in your life? That is what you’ll want to know to move ahead when you’re dealing with real people to sell a house.

Professional Home Buyers

The difference between real estate agents and professional home buyers is that agents represent your home for sale to others and professional buyers purchase it from you. A professional buyer is paying cash for your house at closing. The home buyer may be a company, or it may be an individual or a couple. But when you’re dealing with professional buyers you are not listing your home with an agent you are selling it to a buyer.

When you want to explore the possibility of a quick home sale, without holding open houses or leaving the house for endless agent showings, here’s one company to consider –  You will have the option of chatting online or filling out a form with your contact information, and then you’ll speak to a real estate investor who has years of experience buying homes for cash.

If you prefer dealing with real people to sell a house then contact us at [email protected] or call (405) 521-1807. You will get all the answers to your questions and an offer on your home, if you choose to proceed.