Deciding to Sell a House As Is

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Deciding to Sell a House As Is

When you’ve been making mortgage payment for years it’s hard to imagine selling your home for less than the highest possible market value. As a time-honored real estate tradition, most sellers want to get top dollar, especially when the house is listed with an agent who is paid by commission on sale. You won’t have much support from agents when you’re deciding to sell a house as is.

But you may have your own reasons for selling as is, meaning without making improvements to the function and appearance of the house. You know what it needs, and you know what it will cost to make repairs and improvements. But you simply don’t want to invest more money in the property before selling it.

With the popularity of “fix-it-and-flip-it” shows on cable TV, many homeowners think they can quickly and easily transform their homes and sell for a much higher price. What they cannot see on TV is the all the hard work and big expenses involved in remodeling a house in real life.

Consider the Real Costs of Remodeling

Remember, those real estate investors fixing and flipping homes on TV are making most of their money by creating the TV show, not by making a profit on each house. They often state Before and After prices, but the audience doesn’t see or know the whole picture. If you’ve paid for remodeling projects in the past, you know it always costs more than you initially projected. Always.

If you’ve begun to think it won’t bring you the highest possible price if you first remodel and then sell your home, it’s time to get serious about deciding to sell a house as is. While it won’t bring the highest market value, it may bring you value in other ways, such as closing your sale transaction quickly, avoiding real estate commissions and paying zero legal fees.

How to Sell Your Home As Is

The only thing you need to know is a phone number and an email address because the real estate investors at We Pay Fast will do all the rest. Call 405-521-1807 or email to get in touch with professional buyers experienced in helping sellers who are in the process of deciding to sell a house as is.