Determine the Value to Sell My Home

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Determine the Value to Sell My Home

Since Covid19 put the brakes on the real estate business, I don’t know how to determine the value to sell my home. If I call real estate agents for their advice, they will want to come look at my house and list it for sale, which is what I would like to avoid.

Selling my home For Sale By Owner is not the easiest option to pursue, but it may be the least expensive. I’ve been reading articles and thinking through the steps required to post photos of my house online where home buyers can see them. And then, if the photos attract any interest, I must be prepared to show and sell the house myself.

But everything starts with determining my asking price. Besides asking agents, my other options are hiring an appraiser (the most expensive option) or researching online sites that provide estimates based on local property values as shown in public records. Doing online research is the most economical option for coming up with a sale price, but there is no way to know if the estimates I see online are truly comparable properties.

Hiring an appraiser to provide a market value for my home will cost several hundred dollars. That’s the first drawback, but another drawback is the current real estate market during the Covid19 pandemic. How can an appraiser in any local area determine a market value in this topsy-turvy marketplace?

Selling My Home Without an Appraisal

Home sellers like to think their asking price is based on their own research and opinions. Sadly, it is not. As a seller, I’d love to be in 100% in charge of my asking price, but that’s not how it works. An asking price needs to reflect the value in the mind of potential buyers, not in my mind as the seller.

The more I think about selecting an asking price and all the other For Sale By Owner obligations, the more I want to call We Pay Fast to buy my home. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email and talk to their professional home buyers. We Pay Fast buys homes for cash, with the resources and the team to get all the documents prepared for closing at no cost to the seller.

I may be able to sell my home fast simply by calling We Pay Fast, without all the hassle of For Sale By Owner.