Determining My Equity To Sell A Warehouse

Sell A Warehouse

Determining My Equity To Sell A Warehouse

I’m doing the financials now, determining my equity to sell a warehouse. There is a lot of data involved. I could hire an accountant, but I want to do these calculations on my own. Once I get a general idea of my equity, which is determined by the selling price, I will be better equipped to know how to structure a sale.

Included in my calculations are estimated costs involved with listing and selling through a commercial real estate broker. And I must consider both “net equity” and “gross equity,” as I do the math. Net equity is what remains when all the closing costs are subtracted from the gross equity, meaning the final sale price.  

In a typical commercial transaction, the seller pays the closing costs.  One reason I am doing these calculations is to determine if I could sell a warehouse quickly and easily to a cash buyer. Although it is not imperative, I have personal reasons for considering the idea of selling fast for cash to a buyer that picks up all the closing costs of the transaction, too.

We Pay Fast Pays Commercial Closing Costs

We Pay Fast is a team of commercial real estate investors who pay cash and close fast on their purchase transactions. Their cash offers also include the closing costs and legal fees normally paid by the seller. As it turns out, their business model may work well for me, since I need to sell a warehouse fast for cash.

The professional investors at We Pay Fast arrange for all the documents, schedule the closing, and pay all the closing costs as the buyer in their transactions. They purchase commercial properties in every state, and they are looking for warehouses like mine.

By calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), emailing, or filling out the brief contact form online I can be assured that one of their investors will give me a phone call back within 24 hours. Now that I’ve finished determining my equity to sell a warehouse, I will be contacting We Pay Fast immediately.