Do You Need to Sell a House with a Faulty Deed?

Need to Sell a House

Do You Need to Sell A House with a Faulty Deed?

You may know that the deed to your property has problems. Perhaps you became aware of some issues when you purchased it, or maybe you just discovered it recently. When you need to sell a house with a faulty deed it can be a frustrating experience.

Drafting a deed showing property ownership is not complex. Anyone can look at an existing deed and use it for a template to create another deed showing a new owner. The deed may look real because it follows the proper legal format and contains an accurate legal description, but it may not represent the true property ownership at all.

More than one homeowner has been shown a deed and mistakenly believed that it represented legal ownership. And, sadly, some found out the hard way that’s not enough proof of legal ownership of a parcel of real estate. Deeds filed and recorded at the county courthouse are far more likely to identify the true owner of the property.

How to Know If A Deed Is Real

Unless you are familiar with real estate documents in general, relying on your own judgment regarding the legality of a deed is not wise. If you purchased a house from private owners and did not go through a real estate broker’s closing department, a title company or an attorney’s office your deed may have slipped through the cracks in the system.

Even deeds filed at the county courthouse are subject to error. The County Recorder is not checking deeds for accuracy or complete legal format, so the fact that a deed is recorded does not guarantee its validity.

When you need to sell a house with a faulty deed, or even suspect your deed may have legal issues, ­­­the best plan is to get professional advice, sooner rather than later. You don’t want surprises at the closing table to delay your receipt of proceeds of the sale.

So, one way to get professional advice along with a qualified buyer is to call We Pay Fast. We have experience and legal advisors to help clear up faulty deeds. That legal work as well as all the closing documents will not cost you a penny if you sign our offer to purchase your home.

It all starts with a phone call to at 405-521-1807, or an email to Contact us when you need to sell a house with a faulty deed and we’ll get it straightened out for you, as well as close your sale transaction as quickly as the legal work is completed at no cost to you.