Don’t Sell a House Online

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Don’t Sell A House Online

It never seemed like a good idea to me, so I always tell my friends, “Don’t sell a house online.” Turns out, I was right on target because the Coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences have taken a heavy toll on all the companies buying and selling houses online. They may not be in business next week.

My personal concern about the websites that ask for a lot of specific information about a house and about the homeowner is privacy. Who will see the information I type into a lengthy form? And who will reply to it? I don’t know who or where these people are, and I may never know them by name.

In addition, I have no idea if a real person will call me on the phone and speak to me personally. My house is my single biggest investment, and I’m not comfortable with 100% virtual communication about it. I want to talk to someone I can call back if necessary.

Calling an Investor to Sell My House

Given a choice between calling or emailing a real estate investor to discuss selling my home, I prefer calling on the phone. Some people would rather text or email, but not me. I want to hear the sound of a person’s voice, especially if I’m considering an important business decision like selling my house. For me, a home sale is one of my most important business decisions of all.

When I found I saw the option to call 405-521-1807 or email I also saw a short contact form, but didn’t use it. Naturally, I made a phone call. And I spoke to one of their professional buyers within a couple hours.

We Pay Fast has a long history of buying and selling houses, so they are going to be around tomorrow, too. Speaking with an investor has been a good experience for me so far. He is calculating how much he will pay me for my home, which will be the same amount of the check I receive at closing within a week to ten days, with no deductions for legal or other fees.

So far, so good. I like doing business with real people and knowing how to reach them on the phone if I need more information. I’m sticking with my original advice which is, “Don’t sell a house online.” You can do better. You can call We Pay Fast to sell your home.