Email to Sell A Home For Fast Cash

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Email to Sell A Home For Fast Cash

Being crazy busy, all I can do is send an email to sell a home for fast cash. I have no time to make phone calls or even get into texting back and forth. Emailing is something I can control. I can do it at work, which is the most important thing for me since I am working all the time.

Reaching out to a real estate agent by email is certainly possible, but an agent is not the person who is likely to buy my house. Agents represent homes for sale, although some agents buy them as rental property, but in general an agent is not going to be my buyer. I want to email buyers directly.

I realize this is a very specific desire, and one that is not common. Most homeowners are not eager to email or speak directly to buyers. They prefer to avoid communicating directly with buyers, most likely because they are uncomfortable talking about money or negotiating the price they are asking for their property.

Emailing We Pay Fast To Sell A Home

The first email I am planning to send is to We Pay Fast at I know they want to hear from sellers with homes for sale. Emailing We Pay Fast is not a shot in the dark because they are professional real estate investors who purchase homes directly from homeowners as their regular business. They are ready, willing, and able to pay cash and close fast when a property works for their portfolio.

We Pay Fast has been buying homes directly from homeowners for many years. They do not involve agents or brokers, and they have the documents and administrative/legal team to close transactions quickly. I expect to hear back from We Pay Fast within 24 hours of sending my email, which gives me bit of time to select my desired closing date.

I will not be required to pay closing costs or legal fees because We Pay Fast takes care of everything except moving out! The email address is to sell a home for fast cash. For those who prefer to call, the phone number is 405-521-1807.