Email Us to Sell a Home for Fast Cash

Sell a Home for Fast Cash

Email Us to Sell a Home for Fast Cash

We are the professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast and you can email us to sell a home for fast cash. Try us! Email or enter your contact information into the form on our homepage to receive a phone call back in 24 hours or less.  

There are times in life when we don’t exactly know the best route to take, the best course of action to follow. Coronavirus has thrown the whole world into one giant setback and knocked us all off track in many ways. Homeowners are facing high power bills and plumbing bills this winter, too. And soon enough, property taxes and insurance premiums will be due.

If you own your home but right now it feels more like it owns you, consider emailing the professional buyers at We Pay Fast to find out how to sell a home for fast cash in less than two weeks. It’s easy. Send your name and phone number to and you will get a phone call in reply by the following day.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash and Closes Fast

We Pay Fast is a team of investors with the administrative and legal team to meet with you on the phone and make you an offer on your home if it works for them. Then, after you have made a verbal agreement, they send you the purchase agreement to sign by email. It’s quick and easy.

Once you have signed the purchase agreement as the Seller and We Pay Fast signs it as the Buyer in the transaction, you can get busy planning your move and storing your household items, if needed.  The purchase agreement will specify a closing date of your own choosing, meaning as soon as a week to ten days from the date you sign the purchase agreement, or a date in the future that works for you.

In addition, We Pay Fast covers all the closing costs and legal fees associated with your home sale. The dollar amount you are offered is the dollar amount you receive at closing when you sell a home for fast cash to We Pay Fast.

Call 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a homebuying specialist today.