Emergency: Sell My House Fast for Cash!

Sell My House Fast for Cash

Emergency: Sell My House Fast for Cash!

Due to an emergency I must sell my house fast for cash. No two ways about it, I need to sell it and move away quickly. Listing with a real estate agent will not bring me a sale fast enough, even if a cash buyer shows up immediately. The closing process typically takes at least a month.

My situation is critical and the only real solution for me is to call a professional buyer with the cash on hand and the ability to close a sale in less than two weeks. It would be easy to get discouraged about selling a house fast. But I have made one phone call that changed my viewpoint and gave me hope.

I called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and spoke to a highly professional homebuyer on the We Pay Fast team. They are looking for houses like mine all over the country. And as it turns out, my house fits their needs right now, so the We Pay Fast homebuyer made me an offer over the phone. We came to an agreement on price and terms as well. Then the purchase agreement was emailed to me for signatures immediately.

Sell to We Pay Fast for Cash

We Pay Fast is helping me achieve my immediate goal of a fast, cash sale. They have worked with many sellers who face emergency situations. Motivated sellers may have different reasons for needing a quick home sale, but that’s the bottom line for all of us – we need a cash buyer who can also close our transaction in less than two weeks.

Besides moving quickly to make the offer and provide sale documents, We Pay Fast takes care of setting up the closing with a title or escrow company. In addition, they pay all the closing costs and legal fees involved in the transaction. The We Pay Fast team is easy to contact and to communicate with throughout the transaction.

My emergency need to sell my house fast for cash will be over and done with next week. By calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) my house will be sold and my troubles will be over.