Evicting Tenants to Sell My House Fast

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Evicting Tenants to Sell My House Fast

Right now I’m evicting tenants to sell my house fast, even though I’d like to keep the monthly income from their rental payments. They have been excellent tenants for me. The house and yard are always neat and tidy, and they pay their monthly rent on time. It is unfortunate I must sell my house which is currently their home.

Needing to make changes in my investment portfolio, I plan to sell my house fast to a cash buyer, most likely an investor like myself. I own several houses, and need to liquidate one or more of them so that I can purchase a multi-unit property in the next few weeks.

I am acquainted with many real estate investors in my local area, but in my present situation I’d like to avoid working with any of them. For this particular transaction I want to keep things more private, so I’m interested in working with professional homebuyers who are not as well known locally.

We Pay Fast Buys Rental Houses

We Pay Fast is a team of investors who buy and re-sell residential real estate. They operate across the country and pay cash for the houses they buy in all areas. I have researched We Pay Fast and have come to the conclusion they may be ideal as a buyer for me now.

The We Pay Fast investors provide all the documents we’ll need to complete a sale transaction, from the initial purchase agreement to the final closing documents. They take care of all document preparation at their own expense, so no title company or legal fees are deducted from the proceeds check at closing.

I’ve evicting the tenants prior to closing so the transaction will be smooth and clean for me and for my buyer, which I hope will be We Pay Fast.  I will give them a call at 405-521-1807 or email them at info@wepayfast.com and expect to hear back within 24 hours from either a voice message or email. If they are interested in my property and we come to an agreement on the price, I can look forward to closing within a week to ten days from our initial purchase agreement.