Figuring My Equity to Sell A Building

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Figuring My Equity to Sell A Building

I’m working on a spreadsheet today, figuring my equity to sell a building. There is a lot of data involved. Even though I should probably get an accountant to help me, doing these calculations gives me a better idea where I stand financially right now. I need that information to determine whether to sell a building fast for cash.

I’m estimating the cost of selling through a commercial real estate broker as well as making some repairs to the building. I have to get to a net equity calculation to make my decision as soon as possible. Ideally, I’d like to sell the property as-is, with no further investment in it before transferring ownership. Some real estate investors buy properties as-is, meaning they purchase it without making it presentable the way a real estate broker prefers it for showing.

Usually, the seller pays certain closing costs.  I understand that the professional property buyers at We Pay Fast pay all the closing costs when they purchase commercial properties directly from the property owners, with no agents or brokers involved. We Pay Fast pays cash and closes their commercial transactions quickly, in less than a month.

We Pay Fast Pays All Closing Costs

The We Pay Fast team of commercial and residential real estate investors make cash offers which include paying all the closing costs and legal fees normally paid by the seller. Their business model appeals to me because I want to sell a building as-is, without investing additional cash in it.

By calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), emailing, or filling out the brief contact form online I know a We Pay Fast buyer will be calling me back within 24 hours. And if they are interested in my building once we discuss it on the phone, they may make me an offer right away.