Finding the Time to Sell My House

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Finding the Time to Sell My House

The Coronavirus pandemic, employment issues and school closings have all interfered with me finding the time to sell my house. It is a high-level financial priority for me, but it seems like everything else manages to get in my way each day.

Taking care of other people who need help and bringing in as much income as possible myself, I have no time left to get involved with the typical process of selling a home. Finding a real estate agent, getting the house ready for professional photos, and keeping it spotless for showings on short notice are the first few things I would have to accomplish.

And then, assuming an interested homebuyer shows up, it can take a month before they are approved for a mortgage loan. I do not have time to get the listing and sale process set in motion and I do not have time to wait for a buyer to get loan approval. Focusing on finding a cash buyer for my house is most likely the best use of my limited time.

Selling My House to We Pay Fast Quickly

One way to avoid the time-consuming process of listing and selling my home to a traditional buyer, through an agent, is to call a professional homebuyer instead. The real estate investors at We Pay Fast buy homes directly from homeowners like me, in many cities around the country. They pay cash and close fast, which is exactly what I need.

We Pay Fast has been buying homes for many years and they have a team to help me move through the closing process swiftly. I call 405-521-1807 or email and speak to an investor who can make me an offer over the phone if it works for them. Then they provide a purchase agreement for me to sign by email and we schedule the closing within a week to ten days.

I won’t have to pay any closing costs or wait for buyer financing, so I’m finding a few minutes to sell my house to We Pay Fast by reaching out to them at 405-521-1807 to see if we can work together now.