Fire-Damaged Home? Sell As-Is

Fire-Damaged Home

Fire-Damaged Home? Sell As-Is

Do you have a fire-damaged home and want to sell it as-is? Maybe it’s your family home or maybe it’s a rental house where tenants were living and making monthly rent payments to you. Fire damage can be devastating and dangerous. Cleaning up fire damage is not a DIY project. It requires professional help.

After the fire and smoke damage is cleaned up professionally, you can forge ahead to repair and remodel the home yourself, but it will not be the same as regular remodeling, meaning working on a property that has not been fire and smoke damaged. Even professional restoration services cannot remove 100% of the odor that smoke leaves behind.

Your basic choice is this – whether to repair and remodel your fire damaged home before selling it, or to sell it as-is. Your fire insurance coverage and your cash on hand to invest in remodeling may make all the difference in making your decision. It all comes down to what you can physically do on your own and what you can afford to pay other people to do.

Selling a Fire-Damaged Home to We Pay Fast

You will discover that fire damage is not an easy fix. It can be difficult to find all the damage that may be lurking inside walls and in crawl spaces and attics. Selling a fire-damaged home to the professional investors at We Pay Fast can relieve you of all the hassles within a week to ten days of signing a purchase agreement with them.

Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing is the first step to selling your fire-damaged home to a team of investors with the resources and remodeling crew to take over the fire-damaged home you prefer to sell as-is.