Forced to Sell My Home Over Politics

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Forced to Sell My Home Over Politics

I do not see an alternative at this point. I am forced to sell my home over the great political divide going on in my neighborhood. When neighbors are yelling at each other over wearing a mask when walking outdoors and staying at least six feet away from each other on the sidewalk, it’s time to move away. This area used to be a friendly place to live, but now it has become hostile and judgmental.

This kind of situation is not unique to our neighborhood of course, but this happens to be where I live and the ongoing political situation is affecting me in a negative way. Some of us have been going to work throughout 2020 during the pandemic, trying to make a living and have a life. But some people stay home and do not have the pressure to leave their houses, so they have become quite fearful of those of us who leave daily and go to work.

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