Forced to Sell My Rent House

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Forced to Sell My Rent House

I am forced to sell my rent house because the renters recently left in the middle of the night with no forwarding address. I have no idea where they went, but I have started to get an idea of the mess they left in the house. They did so much damage, I am overwhelmed with the repair work needed, and I keep finding more damage that wasn’t obvious on my first walk-through.

It’s unbelievable how some careless, thoughtless tenants can destroy your investment property. Estimating the cost of materials and labor for doing the work yourself or paying to have the work done for you can be a painful process. Looking at the repair estimates shows the full extent of the damage.

And I am embarrassed to admit that I pre-qualified the tenants myself, so there’s nobody else to blame for allowing these tenants to live in my rent house.  On paper, their jobs and references looked good. They appeared to be polite and respectful in person, and they paid their rent on time for months. Until they didn’t…

Selling My Rent House Now

During this Coronavirus pandemic and some personal issues that happened at the same time, I am not in the frame of mind or financial condition to do the work needed on my rental property. Somebody else can buy the house and fix it up as an investment now, just as I did years ago.

The investors at We Pay Fast are not intimidated by damage caused by tenants. They will understand why I’m forced to sell my rent house now, which may turn out to be a good investment for them.

I can call 405-521-1807 or email to speak to one of the professional home buyers and discuss my house for sale. If it works for their investment portfolio, they will take care of all the closing documents and pay all the closing costs of the home sale. All I must do is provide them with the keys to the property at closing and pick up the check for my proceeds.