Future Uncertainty Forcing Me To Sell My Home

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Future Uncertainty Forcing Me to Sell My Home

Future uncertainty is forcing me to sell my home because my source of income has ended. My stable job with a bright future is gone, with no immediate replacement in sight. The Covid19 economy has destroyed the lifestyle of many families and singles in the United States and all over the world, which is causing big problems for many homeowners like me.

My family has a place to go, which is not true for all those who have lost their jobs and cannot afford to keep their homes. Good friends have offered us the opportunity to live in their vacation home until we figure out what comes next for us. The kids can attend school classes online as we can search for employment online, too.

What we must do now is sell our house and our furniture, then pack our personal belongings so we can move. Selling our house is the key to unlock our future; finding our home buyer is the key to our home sale.

Finding a Home Buyer Quickly

The uncertainty of business re-opening, which includes the real estate business, makes me very hesitant to sign a listing agreement with an agent that obligates me to sell my house through that agent exclusively.

In better economic times using a real estate agent might be the best plan, but in this chaotic economy I need to take control of finding my own home buyer. There’s no time to wait for showings, offers, inspections and financing approvals. That traditional real estate sale process takes too long. I need a buyer now.

We Pay Fast is a skilled, experienced team of professional home buyers. They arrange for the purchase of homes across the country, provide all the necessary paperwork, handle all the legal work and close sales within a week to ten days.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com to speak to a professional home buyer if you need to sell your home due to an uncertain future.