Get Help to Sell Your Home

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Get Help to Sell Your Home

First time homeowners have never sold a home before, and other homeowners may have owned and sold more than one home, but they always had help. Finding a buyer and closing a real estate transaction requires skill and patience that many homeowners lack. That’s why it’s wise to get help to sell your home fast.

Getting help may start by interviewing real estate brokers to list and sell your home for you. For inexperienced sellers, listing with an agent is usually the first thought. And they may not even consider alternatives to listing with an agent and committing to pay a big commission at closing. They don’t know any other options exist.

Here are five alternatives to listing your home for sale with a real estate agent:

1.   Advertise it yourself on or other local For Sale websites.

2.   Sign a Power of Attorney form giving a friend or family member the right to sell your home for you.

3.   Run ads in the local newspaper with your phone number or another person’s phone number, such as the person who has your Power of Attorney to sell your home for you.

4.   Ask friends and neighbors if they know anyone who might be interested in your home for sale.

5.   Call a professional home buyer.

Listing with a real estate agent plus these five alternatives makes a total of six ways to advertise and sell your home. Only two alternatives involve getting help – giving someone else a Power of Attorney to “stand in your place” to sell the home for you and calling a professional home buyer to buy it from you.

Professional Buyers Deal in Homes Every Day

You may not be familiar with professional real estate investors who buy and sell homes as a business. They are not licensed real estate agents and they do not list your home for sale. They simply look it over and make you an offer if they are interested in buying it. Professional buyers pay cash at closing, which is usually scheduled within a week.

When you accept the investor’s offer, you will have minimal paperwork to sign as a purchase agreement, which will state the purchase price and the date of closing. It will also state that the sale is “as-is” so there won’t be an inspection, and you won’t be required to make any improvements or repairs.

Make one call to a professional real estate investor/property buyer at We Pay Fast and you may get cash for your home within a week. You pay no real estate commissions or legal fees. Call 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a buyer now.