Getting a Settlement or Selling My Home

Selling My Home

Getting A Settlement or Selling My Home

Sometimes bills pile up and get out of control. Threatening letters and phone calls are interrupting my workday and my home life. I can’t live with this imposition much longer, so that’s why I’m thinking about selling my home. If my settlement funds aren’t available within the next few days, I will be calling We Pay Fast and selling my home.

I know it’s possible to sell my house for cash and to close quickly because I’ve already spoken to one of the experienced professional buyers with We have come to an agreement on a sale price, so as soon as I am ready to proceed our closing will be scheduled within one week and I will have cash to meet my obligations.

Selling My Home to An Investor

I think it might be a good idea to close my sale transaction with We Pay Fast instead of continuing to wait for my settlement funds to arrive for the following reasons:

1. I pay no real estate commission

2. I pay not taxes or legal fees

3.  I pay no points or closing costs on behalf of the buyer

4.  I don’t have to wait for buyers to obtain financing approval

5.  I get my cash in as little as a week

We Pay Fast investors are available at 405-521-1807 and online. There is also and instant chat feature on, so there are plenty of ways to get in touch and get an offer on your house, too.