Getting Divorced? Sell The House Fast

Sell The House Fast

Getting Divorced? Sell The House Fast

Are you getting divorced and need to sell your house fast for a quick, clean settlement? Many couples choose to sell a house during divorce because it solves the problem of which person will keep it. That decision can become a big sticking point leading to vicious arguments.  

Selling the house and splitting the cash sale proceeds is often easier, even when one or both people would rather keep the house for themselves. When the disappointment of losing the house is also split equally, along with the money, somehow it feels fair. It may not make sense, but most aspects of divorces are emotional, not logical.

A quick, cash sale ends the heated arguments. It gives each party their fair share of value, as determined by negotiation or by the divorce court. And it may allow discussions about dividing up other assets to progress faster and easier, too.

Call We Pay Fast to Sell a House During Divorce

Contacting the real estate investors at We Pay Fast is one way to arrange for a quick, cash sale and put an end to the arguments over who will keep the house in a divorce. We Pay Fast has worked with sellers who are divorcing in various states. They have the team and the connections to purchase homes directly from the sellers, or to work through the sellers’ attorneys, if necessary.

We Pay Fast can close sale transactions within two weeks from signing sale documents. Usually, both parties to the divorce will need to sign a purchase agreement, even if the property is only owned by one of them. This step is suggested because both parties will also need to sign some of the closing documents. We Pay Fast buyers aim to ensure that all paperwork is completed quickly, so that a closing can happen within a week to ten days.

There is no way a traditional buyer working with a real estate agent can close that fast. Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing [email protected] is the way to get a fast, cash sale started when you’re getting divorced and want to sell the house fast.