Getting Ready To Sell My House

sell my house for cash fast

Getting Ready to Sell My House

It seems like months since I started getting ready to sell my house. I started cleaning out the attic, the basement and the storage closets first. Many donations later, I have boxed and labeled the out-of-season and occasional-use items we decided to keep.

Now it’s time to make decisions about living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture. When the sorting and cleaning project started, before Covid19 swept across the world for the first time, I was planning to list my house with a real estate agent when we finished getting ready to sell. Back then, it seemed like there would be plenty of time for an interested, qualified buyer to show up and make an offer.

Things have changed so much since then. During the same time we’ve been cleaning, donating and boxing up our belongings, millions of people have lost their jobs and cannot afford to keep their homes, let alone purchase a new one. The worldwide pandemic has devastated many people’s financial lives, which has changed the real estate market dramatically in some local areas.

Selling My House While I Can

Right now I’m focused on selling my house while I can, meaning as soon as I can get rid of the furniture we don’t need and locate a cash buyer. In a way, finding a cash buyer is easier than making our furniture decisions because we have decided to call the investors at We Pay Fast.

We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors buying homes like ours in cities across the US, even during the wave of rising Coronavirus cases. They talk to home sellers personally, on the phone, to get details about their homes and to decide whether a particular home is a good fit for their real estate investment portfolio.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to get in touch with their homebuyers. If you leave a message, they will call you back within 24 hours to discuss your home for sale. I am busy getting ready to sell my house to We Pay Fast.