Got An Inherited House For Sale?

Got An Inherited House For Sale

Got An Inherited House For Sale?

Have you got an inherited house for sale? Whenever a homeowner passes away, someone inherits their house. Sometimes the heir is a spouse, and sometimes a child, or multiple children with conflicting opinions about selling their inherited property. Sometimes heirs want to keep the house to live in, but many times the heirs simply want to sell it and split the proceeds of the sale among themselves.

When there’s a single heir, the sale of an inherited house is usually not problematic. But when there are multiple heirs, there can be multiple issues and disagreements about price, timing, and distribution of assets. Whenever real estate is being sold a family feud can erupt. Ending the feud may become the highest priority.

The fastest way to sell an inherited house and end any disagreements is to sell it fast for cash.

We Pay Fast Buys Inherited Houses

The fast cash investors at We Pay Fast have purchased many inherited properties, from single heirs or couples, as well as groups of multiple heirs. They have the history, expertise, and resources to make your sale fast and easy. Selling to We Pay Fast can provide the proceeds of sale quickly, within a week to ten days from signatures on a purchase agreement.

Leaving a voice message or sending an email will result in a phone call back to you within 24 hours. When the We Pay Fast investor calls back, you’ll be able to explain your circumstances and list the legal heirs to the property. Those are the people (along with their spouses) who must sign the purchase agreement to initiate the sale.

We Pay Fast covers all the closing costs and legal fees associated with the sale. They also set up the closing date with an escrow or title company to handle the closing. Calling We Pay Fast at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) may be the fastest, easiest way to end a family feud between heirs and to get all your equity in the property distributed among the heirs.