He Said to Sell My Property for Fast Cash

sell my property for cash

He Said to Sell My Property for Fast Cash

It may seem odd, but I spoke to a banker and he said to sell my property for fast cash. It was surprising to me because I had approached him about a home equity loan, but he turned our conversation to the subject of selling my home instead.

If I had to guess, I would say my banker did not want to make a loan on my home in its present condition. It needs considerable remodeling, and he knows that to be true. Rather than tell me my home would not qualify for a home equity loan, even though my credit at the bank is excellent, the banker simply chose to suggest a cash sale of my property “as-is.”

When I asked my banker for a home equity loan, I told him the money would be spent on remodeling projects. He makes home equity loans to bank customers regularly, which means he has a working knowledge of the value of property in the area. I believe my banker did not think a home equity loan would produce the results I anticipated, and that borrowing money would not help me to sell my home.

I Decided to Sell to We Pay Fast Homebuyers

So, I took my banker’s advice and called We Pay Fast homebuyers to sell my property for fast cash. They are easy to reach by phone at 405-521-1807 or by email at info@wepayfast.com  Leaving a voice message or sending an email will result in a phone call in return within 24 hours.

We Pay Fast investors will call you on the phone to discuss your property for sale. They do not expect you to fill out a complicated form online, or to respond to a lot of questions by text message. I prefer to do important business like selling real estate by phone, too.

I got a purchase agreement for my signature after we agreed on a sale price and a closing date, which is scheduled for next week. We Pay Fast does not charge sellers any of the document preparation or legal fees, so that means I am certain how much money I will receive at closing.

My banker said to sell my property for fast cash, so I decided to sell to We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807.